Rain Water Solutions for the Home

Whole House & Under Bench Water Filters & Purifiers

“Rain” water is evaporated water which falls and hits the roof before being collected in a storage tank. As the water falls through the sky it dissolves carbon dioxide, which makes it acidic. Once it reaches the roof it also collects other undesirable impurities such as organic matter, toxic roofing material, plumbing metals, with the primary concern being faecal matter. Harmful micro-organisms from faecal matter can enter the tank and result in a potential health risk. The good news is that AQUA provides a range of “Rain” water solutions to meet every requirement and is backed by our dedicated nationwide service network of water quality specialists. Call AQUA today and start enjoying the benefits of Safe, Clean, Pure, Great Tasting Water!

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Discover the Benefits of Whole House Filtration


Drinking Water

Our bodies are 70% water. We all need clean, pure, great tasting water everyday.

Food Preparation

Taste the Difference! Wash and cook in filtered water that reduces chemicals, bad taste and odour.

Dish Washing

Sparkling, clean dishes. Heavily reduces soap buildup and prevents chlorine vapours from being released into the air.

Refill Not Landfill

Filtered water from your tap will cost you less than $0.01 per litre.

Personal Hygiene

Fresh clean water for everyday use, prevent harmful substances from affecting your health.

Showers & Baths

No more dry, flaky skin. Increased respiratory health, softer and younger looking skin. Helps to alleviate skin allergies.

Fruit/Vegetable Garden

Create healthier and faster growing plants with chemical free water. Enjoy tastier fruits and vegetables.

Household Pets

Clean, fresh and healthy water for your family pets.