Whole House Aqua UV Filter System “Mounted”

Under the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards 2005 any presence of coliforms is unacceptable for human consumption.
Roof water
 – Rainwater
Faecal matter due to birds, possums, cats, mice etc. on exposed roofs and guttering is likely to contain pathogenic organisms. Dust, dirt and general organic matter such as leaves and moss can collect on the roof and in the guttering. If you are like most of us and only clean out the guttering once a year then you will know about the putrid decaying matter that can build up. This produces a very nutrient rich ‘broth’ that encourages bacterial growth in storage tanks.
Surface water – Springs, streams, rivers, lakes and dams
This water is usually the most heavily contaminated with micro-organisms. Often the water is also more turbid than collected rainwater due to high suspended solids and silt from surface run-off, particularly after heavy rainfall. Faecal matter from wildlife, birds, and farm animals present in the catchment area, is likely to find its way into the water supply, and this always contains disease causing organisms.
Ground water – Springs, wells, bores
This water can often be contaminated by run-off, stock, underground seepage from septic tanks, oxidation ponds, or other sources. Faecal matter from wildlife, birds, and farm animals present in the catchment area, can also find its way into the water supply, and this always contains disease causing organisms.
The Ministry of Health recommends a 2-barrier approach for providing safe drinking water. The simplest solution for automatic, and nonchemical additive treatment regularly being adopted these days is cartridge filtration followed by Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. This is a simple in-line system that is installed into the existing plumbing at the point of entry to ensure that all water is automatically treated and of potable grade.

Whole House Aqua UV System Features:
Coarse filtration – 20 micron washable pleated polyester cloth type cartridge for the bulk of the suspended solids removal. Can be washed up to a maximum of four times and re-used. Also known as a surface filter meaning that once the outside surface of the fabric is soiled it needs to be cleaned.
Fine Filtration – 1 micron depth cartridge for removal of very fine particles. Dual Grade Density (DGD) Sediment Filters’ spun fibres form a true gradient density from outer to inner surfaces, it combines selective final filtration with appropriate pre-filtration to achieve up to three times the dirt-holding capacity of similar size sediment cartridges.
Carbon Filter – Removes chlorine, asbestos, chemicals, and unwanted taste and odours (that may be present) from your water, alternatively this can also be achieved by installing a Bench Top or Under Bench Water Filter at the point of use in your kitchen
UV Steriliser – Not only is it safe and highly effective, UV does not change the taste, colour, or odour of water. It simply removes the risk of illness caused by microbial contamination, making water safe. UV light penetrates micro-organisms and destroys their ability to reproduce, effectively rendering them harmless. It’s a simple but effective process, destroying a minimum of 99.99% of harmful micro-organisms, including E.Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.


Future proof your UV system with the latest technology and UV controllers. A colour user interface allows for easy visual identification of remaining lamp life and any fault codes or errors. Sample screen shots as below.
  • Cost effective
  • Safe technology
  • No chemicals required
  • Easy installation (When using a specialist)
  • Treats every tap in the line
  • 100% peace of mind
 Whole House UV Systems “Rack Mounted
WHAUV-B3M Whole House 3 Stage ‘Big’ UV System (Mounted) – 1 Bathroom
WHAUVH-B3M Whole House 3 Stage ‘Big’ HO UV System (Mounted) – 2-3 Bathroom
WHAUVH-J3M Whole House 3 Stage ‘Jumbo’ HO UV System (Mounted) – 2-3 Bathroom
WHAUVHC-J3M Whole House 3 Stage ‘Jumbo’ HO UV System with Carbon Filter (Mounted) – 2-3 Bathroom