Neutralising Systems

We are Water Treatment Specialists and we have solutions available for problems associated with water sourced from rivers, bores, lakes, springs and roof water.
Low pH makes water very acidic and aggressive towards metal plumbing and fittings. This often results in high levels of metals such as copper, iron, and zinc dissolving into the water. This can cause a bitter metallic taste and usually leaves green/blue staining on baths and basins. Failure of fittings is also very common because of this corrosion with copper hot water cylinders being most at risk.
All of these problems can be easily corrected by using a pH neutralising filter which allows acidic water to flow through a bed of specially prepared granulated limestone which is commonly known as Akdolit. This elevates the pH in a natural and safe way without the addition of any chemicals.
Maintenance is very simple. Backwash for 5 minutes once a week this is done either automatically or manually. Every 2 or 3 months replenish with fresh media as required.
All systems are customised to your requirements based on a range of criteria including; Water Source and Quality, Application, Flow Rate, Volume we also have various control heads to allow manual and or automatic operation so you can set and forget.
NOTE We also offer an Independent Water Testing service.