Multi-media Sand Filters

We are Water Treatment Specialists and we have solutions available for problems associated with water sourced from rivers, bores, lakes, springs and roof water.
Where it is necessary to treat all incoming water (point of entry – POE) in large volume for the removal of grit, sediment, turbidity, and organic matter but also where there is a problem with oxidized iron  (‘rust’) and other precipitated contaminants such as manganese or scale particles.
Multi-media sand filters normally consist of three media layers (ie. Support base gravel, micro screened sand and anthracite) and are a very economical means of primary filtration to remove the bulk of suspended solids. (They are particularly efficient on surface waters). Multi-media filters are periodically backwashed (either automatically or manually) by simply reversing the flow and this flushes to waste the accumulated sediment and also re-grades the filter media layers.
Is extremely simple. After the initial set-up, the system is virtually self-sustaining. With the Automatic Head, back-flushing and clearing of trapped contaminants occur automatically, with a manual head this is done by hand with a lever. Replace media approximately every three years.
All systems are customised to your requirements based on a range of criteria including; Water Source and Quality, Application, Flow Rate, Volume we also have various control heads to allow manual and or automatic operation so you can set and forget.
NOTE We also offer an Independent Water Testing service.