Steaming Hot/Cold Everpure Solaria

Steaming Hot/Cold Everpure Solaria
So Convenient…

  • Up to 60 cups an hour of steaming hot water, adjustable up to 98°C.*
  • *This is the maximum realistic temperature in the tank. The temperature at the tap will be less and will vary. Large drawoffs of hot water will reduce the temperature.
  • High-clearance swivelling spout enables convenient filling of taller vessels.

So Safe…

  • A child-safety button on the hot lever must be depressed before your Solaria will deliver steaming hot water, preventing accidental burns and making it safe when children are around.
  • Non-drip dispenser: providing the temperature is set correctly, your Solaria tap should not drip, owing to an integral large expansion chamber.

So Efficient…

  • Uses less energy than a 40 watt light-bulb—cheaper to run than boiling a jug!
  • Quality stainless-steel tank means your Solaria will last!
  • Insulated tank keeps water hotter for longer.

Everpure OCS Filter Features

  • Reduces health contaminants such as asbestos fibers and Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts, chlorine taste and odour and other offensive contaminants, provides clear, fresh, premium quality ingredient water.
  • Saves energy by reducing scale build-up.
  • New and improved Micro-Pure II media with AgION™ antimicrobial protection inhibits any potential bacterial growth
  • Precoat submicron technology reduces dirt and particles as small as 0.5 micron in size
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean. Internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination