High Flow Carbon Filters

We are Water Treatment Specialists and we have solutions available for problems associated with water sourced from rivers, bores, lakes, springs and roof water.
Where it is necessary to treat all incoming water (point of entry – POE) in large volumes for the removal or reduction of a variety of contaminants from water including chlorine, tastes, odours, pesticides, volatile and organic carbons, dissolved colour and chloramines.
High Flow Carbon Filters present the best cost-effective solution to handle much higher flow rates and provide a longer life throughput. Most carbon filters are used as a point of use (POU) devices where the proportion of water used is small in comparison to the rest of the establishment, thus the filter can be relatively small (POU filters have a typical flow of around 2-4 litres per minute and a throughput life of between 10,000 & 20,000 litres).

  • Chlorine removal for people with sensitive skin
  • Restaurants
  • Industry and Factory
  • Tropical and Indigenous Fish Outlets/ Breeders
  • Poultry FarmsWater Treatment Solutions
  • Hydroponics
  • Breweries
  • Colour reduction in supply water

Operation and Maintenance are very simple. Backwash for 5 minutes once every week this is done either automatically or manually. Replace carbon annually or when chlorine, taste, odours or targeted contaminants start to breakthrough.
All systems are customised to your requirements based on a range of criteria including; Water Source and Quality, Application, Flow Rate, Volume we also have various control heads to allow manual and or automatic operation so you can set and forget.
NOTE We also offer an Independent Water Testing service.