DAB – E.sybox – ELECTRONIC Water Pressure System

Leading the way in electronic pump technology, the E.SYBOX is a completely new solution in domestic water supply. It is ideal for water pressure boosting in domestic and light commercial applications.


Which water pressure system is best for your home? A water pump that adjusts how much energy it uses based on how much water your household needs, is the key to big energy savings. Energy savings translate into lower electricity bills and put more money back into your pocket.

The Esybox water pump is smart enough to know how much water your house is using and will turn on and off to as required. This means they won’t run unless they need to and you use less energy as a result.

The E.SYBOX is a revolutionary and innovative
all-in-one pump solution comprising of:

• A self-priming multistage pump
• Electronics for control and management
• Pressure and flow sensors
• High-resolution LCD display
• 2 Litre integrated expansion vessel


• Powerful performance flow up to 2 L/sec and head up to 6 bar
• Self priming up to 8 metres
• Dry run protection to stop pump damage if no water is present
• 2 Litre expansion tank protects against thermal fluctuations and reduces pump starts
• Intelligent anti-freeze protection prevents formation of ice inside unit
• Over/under voltage protection and over current protection
• Wireless connectivity facilitates the creation of pressure booster sets and connection to other DAB devices
2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
AS/NZS4020 Drinking Water Approved


The E.sybox water pump is an all-inclusive package. Once the suction and delivery pipes are connected, the E.sybox has all the system intelligence included in the housing of the pump to keep your home’s water working smoothly. This means no extra costs, components or changes once it’s installed.


• Variable speed inverter maintains CONSTANT PRESSURE using less energy under low flows.
• The E.SYBOX is an all-in-one HIGH EFFICIENCY pump and control solution.
• SAVE POWER – 30-40% energy saving!


A clever combination of compact hydraulic internal designs, sound absorbing housing, water-cooled motors, integrated inverter technology and flexible connection options allow Esybox water pumps to cater for diverse residential and commercial pressure system setups, from single houses with multiple bathrooms to multi-story apartment buildings. No matter the size of your home, Esybox will keep the water pressure for your shower running smoothly.
• SLEEK DESIGN allows for quick and easy horizontal or vertical installation.
• Easy to use LCD DISPLAY to customise settings and track energy savings.
• ULTRA COMPACT – 30% space saving!


Large LCD displays and DAB’s intuitive configuration programming also means that Esybox pumps are quick and pain free to install and maintain, and with wireless integration, can be upgraded easily online as required.
• Technical compartment for EASY ACCESS to rotor shaft, vertical filling plug and expansion tank.
• Has a PRACTICAL HOUSING for maintenance tools and instruction manual.
• EASY TO SERVICE internal non-return valve with special tool provided.
• ULTRA LOW NOISE by water cooled motor & sound proof casing to 45dB.
• ANTIVIBRATION FEET absorb any noise – prevent vibrations.
• WIRELESS CONNECTION (E.sybox only) for multiple pump installs.

How to boost your mains water pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure in your home or apartment and would like to increase your mains water pressure, or just have constant water supply then the DAB Esybox or E.syboxmini is the innovative solution to the common problem of low mains water pressure. Simply set the pressure you need using the Esybox’s LCD screen, and the pump will ensure your house maintains constant pressure while multiple taps are being used.
How do you keep your water pressure high in your family home or Apartment Building? Selecting a water pressure system that can assess the needs of your household and turn on and off as required, only use the smallest amount of power required to maintain the water pressure you set and have a LCD Screen to show you what your pressure is in real time & how much power you are saving. The Esybox water pressure pump will help you resolve low water pressure issues in your home and improve the reliability of your water pressure.

Approved For Drinking Water

Not all domestic water pressure pumps sold in Australia are suitable for residential & apartment water boosting and are not certified to be used to supply drinking water.
This certification ensures that the pump won’t contaminate any water being pumped through your home, office or apartment building. The pump won’t support the growth of micro-organisms and won’t change the taste or appearance of the water. The DAB Esybox & Esyboxmini is Drinking Water Approved with AS/NS4020 Certification and means you can rest assured that that any water pumped by the Esybox is safe for drinking water consumption.

The First of its Kind

DAB’s Esybox is the first compact, fully integrated constant water pressure pump of its kind. With engineered internal hydraulics, the Esybox is the result of over 40 years of Italian research and development, delivering the reliability and quality that is synonymous with DAB. No other water pumps on the global market can deliver the exceptional performance as the Esybox in a compact, easy to maintain water pressure system. There are many applications the E.sybox can be used whether it is for residential & domestic hosehold water supply, increase water pressure & boost mains water presure.