Whole House Water Softener – Advanced AQUA System (10 x 54")

Aqua Whole House Water Softener is an advanced system that works effectively to eliminate problems commonly associated with hard water such as; limescale and staining
Eliminate the problems associated with hard water i.e. reduces lime scale build-up, provides longer plumbing life, reduces the formation of soap scum, saves power and money.

  • Cleaner, shinier glass and silverware
  • Improve rich lathering, save on cleaning products
  • Cleaner, smoother, softer hair and skin
  • Softer, brighter, longer lasting fabric, whites stay white
  • Soft water preserves the life of coffee machines, ice makers, dishwashers, clothing washers and other water using appliances


Elegant Design
The white minimalist style casing effortlessly integrates into a high-end home environment. UV resistance provides superior quality.
High Grade Resin
Premium quality, food grade resin with a uniform bead size, means the unit has up to 20% higher exchange capacity than standard resin. Less frequent regenerations are required, giving savings in water use and salt.
Simple Operation
Only 3 Steps are needed to set up the program and One Touch regeneration makes for super easy operation.
Intelligent Control Valve
This highly intelligent control valve has a super capacitor to hold time of day and programming during a power outage. The fully adjustable 3 cycle control and ability to remember customer water use, means great efficiency. You can choose your backwash time.


Efficient Regeneration
The eight step regeneration process maximized salt use, compared to the traditional 5 step process, meaning that water use during regeneration is significantly lower than standard softeners.
Bypass Included
A discreet bypass is included with the unit, allowing easier maintenance, this means that water can still be supplied while the unit is being serviced. The partial bypass function allows softened and raw water to be mixed to give the desired hardness levels.


Operating Pressure 1.4 – 3.5 bar
Size (W*D*H) 273 x 273 x 1617 mm (soften body) 323 x 323 x 1000 mm (brine cabinet)
Media Softener Cation Resin
Flow Rate 50L/min
Resin Volumes 42 Litre
Total Capacity 20,000 m3
Tank Model 1054
Valve Model Autotrol-368/606F
Valve-Pipe  Size 1”-BSPT
Transformer NZ/AUST WallTrans-240V
Controller type 368-Automatic 706 Control